L’Ombre des Papillons  Solo Show

This exhibition showcases a video installation and the original paintings from the last animated short film « Shadow of the Butterflies » by the artist Sofia El Khyari.
The exhibition projects the viewer into an immersive, dreamlike and sensory atmosphere that tries to push back the boundaries between dream and reality, abstraction and figuration, interiority and exteriority.


L’Ombre des Papillons  Screening

In parallel to the exhibition at the OpenBach gallery, the museum of Quai Branly organized a screening of three of El Khyari’s short films in its cinema room. The film « L’Ombre des Papillons » which inspired the exhibition at the OpenBach was screened, but also « Le Corps Poreux », and the film « Ayam », acquired for the collection of the museum library in 2020.