Aux sources de l’imaginaire

de Sofia El Khyari

Caressing the dreams and unfolding the layers of animation. This exhibition showcases the creative spirit behind Sofia El Khyari’s animated films at the library of the prestigious Institut du monde arabe in Paris . It’s an invitation to delve into the artist’s intimate creative journey, highlighting the meticulous process behind her short films. Here, we explore the poetic musings that fuel Sofia’s artistry, guiding her hand to weave her thoughts into the tangible tapestry of words and images.

Vous aimeriez toucher du doigt le corps nu de vos rêves.

Khalil Gibran

La main aussi a ses rêves, elle a ses hypothèses. Elle aide à connaître la matière dans son intimité. Elle aide donc à la rêver.

Gaston Bachelard

أنت تودّ أن تلمس بإصبعك جسد أحلامك العارية

جبران خليل جبران

Opening of the exhibition

A screening of all the short films of Sofia were screened. The opening of the exhibition was in the presence of the president of Institut du monde arabe.

© Karen Assayag photos